Importance of a good script and story line can never be over emphasised...


Writing credits

April 2016

2012 australian writers guild award “flea-bitten!” Co-head writers with ray boseley (award given to ray boseley, we could not take award because we are not australian citizens)

2009 – winner – pulcinella award (cartoons by the bay) for best tv series (“cosmic quantum ray”)

2008 emmy nomination – writing in animation - “jakers!”

2008 silver hugo award – chicago film festival - “cosmic quantum ray”

Featured video commentary on 2008 time –warner release of box set for “the real ghostbusters”

2008 golden angel award – “the wumblers”

Silver award winner 2008 new york festival 2008 tv broadcasting awards (“growing up creepie”)

2007 emmy awards - 2 nominations (“growing up creepie” & “toddworld”)

Winners: 2007 pulcinella award for best script, italy “cartoons by the bay” (“growing up creepie”)

Winners: 2006 emmy for animated series (“jakers!”)

Finalists: 2006 humanitas award (“toddworld”)

Winners 2005 bafta (“jakers!” Episode “rock around the cluck”)

Nominees: 2005 emmy for animated series (“toddworld”)

Finalists: 2005 humanitas award (“toddworld”)

Nominees: 1999 western writers of america spur award

Winners: 1990 scottish bafta - animation

Nominated: 1990 british bafta – animation


Series and features

Six-cylinder samurai – original animation series. Developed in partnership with bioscopewala animation and green gold, india. Sci-fi/action/comedy series created by hickey & mccoy in association with marc lumer.

The dragon spell. Baboon animation (new york). Writers on feature film for ukraine production.

Untitled live-action sci-fi/soccer (football) series. Toon goggles. Bible. Script

Magicbusterz. Action comedy for ages 6-9. Aadarsh ltd. Bible. Animated.

Jack/chaos. Action comedy for aadarsh ltd. India. Bible. Animated.

Shemaroo kids/the neighborhood.  Pre-school comedy for shemaroo ent., india. Bible and scripts. Animated.

We are one. Development of animated feature film for gurukesh khopatkar. U.k. And india.

Mitch. Original 1-hour live-action comedy. Currently with asib (and so it begins) productions, los angeles.

Hollyweird. Live-action feature film. Currently under option to asib (and so it begins) productions.

Untitled comedy. Baboon ent. New york. Animated. Co-development. Currently under nda.

Chicken guard!!! Action comedy for shemaroo ent., india. Bible and scripts. Current.

Annie, ben and mango series for youtube channel, produced by yoboho/hooplakidz. Also voice-directing. Current.

“insectibles” – freelance writers for animated series produced by one animation (singapore) and ki.ka (germany). Current. 

Untitled prime-time live-action/animation – adult series for prime-time broadcast currently under nda.

“the clangers” - nbc/universal/cbbc – consultants/episodic writers, and under contract for original dialog for william shatner (narrator of u.s. Version of british series).

“birds and bees” – original animated feature story written for the assorted nuts animation studio in association with fonda snyder/rainmaker prods.

“hollyweird” – original animation series in partnership with marc lumer (original idea by marc lumer). Adult animation about the rebuilding of hollywood after a world-wide “entertainment” disaster. Currently in discussions with indomnia media international.

“the game” – original animated series optioned to the assorted nuts studios. 2013

“monkey business” – the assorted nuts. Writers/consultants

“sabrina, the teenage witch” - 2012 production/2013 release - moonscoop –

                  Airing 2013 on disney worldwide and the hub (u.s. Only)

                  Developers/head writers. Update and re-branding of the classic                comic book/tv series.

“pinocchio” - woodface productions - u.k./italy

                  Modern retelling of classic children's story. Done with the

                  Cooperation of the collodi foundation. 3 one-hour direct-to-dvds.

"fleabitten!" - moody street kids - australia

          -Head writers/co-developers for series of 52 12-minute episodes.  

“chi rho” – ki.ka/cross media – germany

Action-comedy retelling of the classic bible stories with “progressive” theological curriculum. Principal writers/story editors/series consultants. Currently the #1 children's show in germany.


“cosmic quantum ray” – mike young productions/ moonscoop/ki.ka/m6/the hub network

Producers/writers/developers/head writers action/adventure/comedy cgi series that

                  Introduces children7-14 to the “fun” theories of

                  Quantum physics. 26 half-hours.


“voltron: the third dimension” mike young productions/world events

                  Writers. New 3-d computer animation production of the

                  Series. #1 weekly syndicated animation.

"maya the bee" - studio 100 - france/germany


Lionel train project – 1 hour direct-to-dvd movie.


“chi rho – the movie” – ki.ka/cross media – germany

                  Movie adaptation of series mentioned above.


“patty’s pets” – playhouse/disney



”hydro-attack” – mike young productions/dracco.

                  Producers/writers/developers of toy-based action/comedy series.


“mighty boltz” – david m. Kahn productions

Producers/developers/writers. Created by david m. Kahn; david m. Kahn productions, llc.





“jakers!” – mike young productions/pbs. Cgi comedy

                  Series based on popular irish property. Writers. Exclusive writers of mel brooks’ and joan rivers’ dialog for series characters “wiley” and “shirley”. Emmy winner 2006. Emmy-nominated 2008.


“growing up creepie” – mike young productions/discovery kids.

Multiple-script writers for comedy/horror series. Emmy nominee 2006 special category animated series.

 “the wumblers” – silly goose/tbn

                  Pre-school fantasy series. Writers/developers.


“weasel patrol” – cartoon network.



“toddworld” – mike young productions/discovery kids.

                  Writers for animation series. Nominated for

2005 & 2006 emmy award; 2005 & 2006 humanitas award finalists.


“dibo” – ocon animation studios (korea)

                   Series writers. Pre-school series.


“skunk-fu” – cartoon saloon, ireland/bbc/hoek, line and


                  Animated comedy/kung-fu series.

                  Developers and series writers.  Created the series’ title.


“dee-dee” – cosgrove hall, u.k.

                  Pilot writers. Pre-school series for girls.


“percy fisher” – adult animation. Zombie/milkshake prods. U.k.

                  Short 3d animation available on request.


“max and the mechanicals” – mike young productions/sony/pbs

                  Sci-fi comedy that teaches children how things work.



“tutenstein” – discovery

                  Writers for 2005 series.


  “invisible i.n.k.” – hoek, line and thinker.

                  Action-comedy. Brought in to re-work series bible and

                  Write pilot script.


“the snow queen” - animated feature. Bumper films, wales.

                  Stop-motion/cgi animation. Writers.


“santa claus and elfman” – mike young productions.

                  Treatment “doctors” for

                  Animated feature script.


“junk planet” – optical image u.k.

                  Writers/developers. Sci-fi, cgi series for boys



“dive! Olly! Dive” – mike young productions/s4c wales.

                  Developers and pilot writers of cgi pre-school series.


“zip drive” – epoch ink. Co-developers of new series for cartoon

                  Network. Co-developed with bob burden (“mystery men”,

                  “flaming carrot”) and joe pearson (“captain simian and the

                  Space monkeys”).


“monster in my pocket” – peak entertainment

                  Developers/writers of series based on popular collectible line of toys.


“butt ugly martians” - mike young prods/just group

                  Developers/producers/writers. Itv england/nickelodeon.


"ultra guardians"  -  parkville prods./impact 2000

                  Writers/developers of 26-episode cgi sci-fi series for spring

                  2003. Pilot episode available on request.


“gary spangle and continuity capers” - channel 4 england.

                  Writers for prime-time interstial animation featuring the world’s

                  Most disgusting gameshow host. September 2000.


“astro boy” - sony. New series based on the classic japanese

                  Anime character. Hickey & mccoy were the first american writers

                  To write a japanese-produced anime.


“clifford” – mike young prods/scholastic/pbs. Pbs

                  Animated series based on the childrens book series.

                  Writers – 2 episodes.    


“menasaurs” – mike young prods. Developers for cgi

                  Action/adventure/comedy series.


“x-men: evolution” – marvel/warner bros.


“horrible histories” - scholastic/discovery kids/

                  Mike young productions

                  Writers of one of the series pilots.


 “roswell conspiracies” - bkn network.


“starhill ponies” - s4c, bbc, just group

                  Developers/writers for 16 episodes.


"the real ghostbusters" - abc/syndicated

                  18 episodes. On-screen commentary on the dvd boxed set.


“kidd video” – saban/nbc

                  Supervising producers/creative consultants for animated

                  Series based on a live-action rock band created by haim saban.


Animation specials


“the legend of lochnagar" - weekend special, abc 1993

                  1993 & 1994 bafta nomination

                  (s4c wales/siriol animation).  Written with his royal

                  Highness, the prince of wales, and jocelyn stevenson.




"p.j. Sparkles" (as writers and associate producers)

                  (mattel/brentwood funnies) in syndication with



"little dracula halloween special"

                  (hahn productions/bandai)  halloween 1991 on the fox



Live-action television


“mitch” – one-hour comedy-fantasy series. Live action/cgi (title character) series. Available.


“super sportlets” – moonscoop/workout factory.

                  Live-action with animation elements. 2nd season complete

                  Re-workng of live-action health and fitness comedy for 6-9 year               olds. Story editors and head writers.


“dead man’s gun” - showtime

                  “the trapper”

                  “sisters of mercy”


"f/x" tv series. Fireworks




"robocop, the series"  -  skyvision/rysher ent.

                  "robocop vs. Commander cash"

                  "the tin man"

                  "corporate raiders"

                  "the singularity"

                  "old business"

                  "foreign exchange"

                  [also created and wrote the commander cash commercial parodies

            In robocop.]




"rock u."

                  (sitcom development for fries ent. Co-created with

                  "welcome back kotter" creator alan sacks. Starring

                  Joe walsh from the eagles band.)


“animal antics” - cambridge films/mike young prods.

                  Writers. Pilot episode. Live-action animal documentaries with

                  Comedic voice-overs.


"the weird al show"

                  (comedy-music-animation variety show). Co-created

                  With "weird al" yankovic, jay levey, and mike



"teen star"

                  (comedy-drama for channel four, england)


"goin' to the chapel"

                  (sitcom development for hahn productions)


"warp riders"

                  (science fiction series for zodiac

                  Productions/central tv - great britain)