Screenplay:: Fabrice IOLKOWSKI, writer of Oscar nominated film, SECRET OF THE KELLS Director: E Suresh, Winner of Cristal Award at Annecy 2016

HOODOO is a 2-D animation feature film that tells the story of 11-year-old Luanne’s magical journey to uncover the truth about her grandfather, the mysterious and legendary bluesman Leroy Terrell who is said to have sold his soul to the Devil.  In so doing, she hopes to undo a curse she believes her family to be the victim of. 

Luanne’s journey to find the truth about Leroy takes her to a-temporal and magical spaces where imagination and reality are intertwined.  As she slowly puts the pieces of Leroy’s life together, Luanne is unknowingly tracing her own future and heading for a dramatic encounter with the enigmatic and supernatural figure of the Hoodoo Man! 

Through Luanne’s journey, HOODOO becomes a dramatic voyage through the life of a bluesman in the Depression-era Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of the heart-probing music that is the blues, a healing potion to soothe the minds of millions.   

Chosen at birth by the spirits of African music to carry on the tradition of the griots, Leroy Terrell is born in a violent thunderstorm on a dark night in a sharecropper’s shotgun shack.  Growing up in the dirt-poor 1920s rural environment, Leroy does his best to live out his destiny as a musician.  But the road is hard and long to become a bluesman and be true to the music and to its mission to bring comfort to its listeners.

In the end, Luanne’s journey of discovery will make her own destiny clear to her…



Eleven-year-old African-American LUANNE CARVER whose mother has just died discovers a well-kept family secret:  legend has it that her grandfather LEROY TERRELL sold his soul to the Devil to become a prodigious bluesman in the Mississippi Delta during the Depression era forty years earlier!  But can this really be true?  Luanne sets out to find what’s behind this strange story.  Was it the cause of her mother’s early death?  Why is her father so adamant about keeping her grandfather’s life a secret?  Like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Luanne suddenly finds herself propelled on a magical journey as she is transported to:


Hot on the trail of her grandfather’s life, Luanne encounters a host of characters from his past who help her put the puzzle together and solve the enigma. 

Scenes from Leroy’s life come to life for Luanne:  his growing up as a sharecropper’s son; his making his first instrument; his life-changing encounter with an escaped chain-gang murderer; the love he feels for Maybelle who tragically dies in a violent Mississippi flood; his struggling between the blues as the Devil’s music and gospel; his life as a travelling musician and working dangerous juke joints; his recordings; his journey to Chicago; his legacy and finally his mysterious disappearance…

Luanne discovers Leroy’s story, full of dramatic moments set in the background of violence, racism, hard work:  all those ingredients that make up the blues as the cry of the soul.  But as portrait of her grandfather growing up in the Delta and being led to music comes to life, one unanswered question still haunts Luanne:  did he or not sell his soul to the Devil to play his music? 

Nearing the end of her journey, Luanne decides to change the past and face her grandfather and the Devil at midnight at the infamous crossroads where Faustian bargains are said to be made.  But what she finds out will surprise her and change her life forever… and put her on a new path in her own life.



Screenplay by: Frank Canino & Alessandra Piccione
Story by: Sergio Navarretta Director: Sergio Navarretta

Bettween two generations
Between two cultures
Sometimes you can build a bridge.

When she discovers she has inherited a mysterious property in India after the sudden death of her mother, a high-powered LA TV news anchor takes her mother’s place at a reunion of ex-hippies in Goa, India, where she embarks on an incredible journey of self-discovery. Summary: Anastasia Reynolds is a high-powered TV news personality who has not seen eye-to-eye with her mother, Flora, a lefty, aging
hippie, for many years. When Flora dies suddenly, however, Anastasia discovers not only that she has inherited property in India, but that she must share her inheritance with a group of ex-hippies she has never met.

Fuelled by mercenary intentions, Anastasia decides to take her mother’s place at a reunion of her old comrades in Goa, India. The problematic and often hilarious encounter between this woman of the 21st century and a group of 60's revolutionaries -- who must confront the failures of their own past -- proves to be much more than Anastasia bargained for. As they gradually come to understand one another, however, Anastasia ultimately uncovers the unexpected and remarkable truth of her own identity.

Yorkville, 1960s
© Platinum Image Film

Development History:
THE REUNION is an original feature film screenplay developed by writers Alessandra Piccione and Frank Canino, who previously collaborated on the award-winning feature film LOOKING FOR ANGELINA, and director Sergio Navarretta.

When the filmmakers were invited to attend the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in beautiful Goa, they began to develop a fascination with the region. Known as a Hippie enclave during the 1960’s and 70’s, Goa continues to be a hedonistic destination as well a place where local Indian culture has little in common with thrillseeking tourists. This rich and colourful dynamic of opposites became the creative seed for THE REUNION.

As a main destination for young American men dodging the Vietnam war, Canada has its own vibrant history in the radical 60’s and 70’s. Numerous individuals from around the globe lived in Toronto’s Hippie Yorkville district and the experimental Rochedale College and were part of the growing international movement to break with tradition, shift consciousness and ultimately change the world. Yorkville pulsated with life – it was a breeding ground for unorthodox thinkers, famous writers, artists and musicians alike (such as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell).

Now, for the first time on screen, THE REUNION merges time and place, bringing the worlds of Goa and Yorkville together – along with the clash of yesterday’s idealists with the practicality of today’s world – through the characters of Anastasia Reynolds and the loveable group of aging Hippies she encounters in India: Melaine, the would-be folk singer turned office administrator; Tom, the high-powered New York City stockbroker; Diane, the historical novelist from Paris; ”Dodge”, the former draft dodger turned security guard and David, the once promising academic turned small-time journalist.