Screenplay by: Frank Canino & Alessandra Piccione Story by: Sergio Navarretta Director: Sergio Navarretta

Screenplay by: Frank Canino & Alessandra Piccione
Story by: Sergio Navarretta Director: Sergio Navarretta

Screenplay by: Frank Canino & Alessandra Piccione
Story by: Sergio Navarretta Director: Sergio Navarretta

Bettween two generations
Between two cultures
Sometimes you can build a bridge.

When she discovers she has inherited a mysterious property in India after the sudden death of her mother, a high-powered LA TV news anchor takes her mother’s place at a reunion of ex-hippies in Goa, India, where she embarks on an incredible journey of self-discovery. Summary: Anastasia Reynolds is a high-powered TV news personality who has not seen eye-to-eye with her mother, Flora, a lefty, aging
hippie, for many years. When Flora dies suddenly, however, Anastasia discovers not only that she has inherited property in India, but that she must share her inheritance with a group of ex-hippies she has never met.

Fuelled by mercenary intentions, Anastasia decides to take her mother’s place at a reunion of her old comrades in Goa, India. The problematic and often hilarious encounter between this woman of the 21st century and a group of 60's revolutionaries -- who must confront the failures of their own past -- proves to be much more than Anastasia bargained for. As they gradually come to understand one another, however, Anastasia ultimately uncovers the unexpected and remarkable truth of her own identity.

Yorkville, 1960s
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Development History:
THE REUNION is an original feature film screenplay developed by writers Alessandra Piccione and Frank Canino, who previously collaborated on the award-winning feature film LOOKING FOR ANGELINA, and director Sergio Navarretta.

When the filmmakers were invited to attend the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in beautiful Goa, they began to develop a fascination with the region. Known as a Hippie enclave during the 1960’s and 70’s, Goa continues to be a hedonistic destination as well a place where local Indian culture has little in common with thrillseeking tourists. This rich and colourful dynamic of opposites became the creative seed for THE REUNION.

As a main destination for young American men dodging the Vietnam war, Canada has its own vibrant history in the radical 60’s and 70’s. Numerous individuals from around the globe lived in Toronto’s Hippie Yorkville district and the experimental Rochedale College and were part of the growing international movement to break with tradition, shift consciousness and ultimately change the world. Yorkville pulsated with life – it was a breeding ground for unorthodox thinkers, famous writers, artists and musicians alike (such as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell).

Now, for the first time on screen, THE REUNION merges time and place, bringing the worlds of Goa and Yorkville together – along with the clash of yesterday’s idealists with the practicality of today’s world – through the characters of Anastasia Reynolds and the loveable group of aging Hippies she encounters in India: Melaine, the would-be folk singer turned office administrator; Tom, the high-powered New York City stockbroker; Diane, the historical novelist from Paris; ”Dodge”, the former draft dodger turned security guard and David, the once promising academic turned small-time journalist.