Delhi Safari Creator Nishith Takia's 'Bioscopewala Pictures' calls for Animated Content Submissions

7:12 pm PDT 03/02/2014 By Zeenia Boatwala

Now this comes as bright news for content creators as now you can pitch your animated content to National Award Winning film ‘Delhi Safari’ creator Nishith Takia, who has jumpstarted his own venture ‘Bioscopewala’, and is calling in creative content for Television Features and TV Series, both for the Indian and the Global Markets!

In a conversation with, Nishith shares his vision with Bioscopewala, the aspects that he looks out for in Animation Content and he starts the conversation with us by saying, “I believe content is story telling.”

What is Bioscopewala all about?
Bioscopewala is purely an entertainment company designed to bring value to the value chain that it works with. We are engaged in activities ranging from Producing Animated Films, Live Action Films, outsourcing of animation, co-productions ventures, and IP creation for the Indian and the global market. We are currently collaborating with various distributors worldwide to build a transnational global distribution channel where we shall also extensively use the digital platforms as a strong distribution platform.


What kind of content are you looking at?
I am looking more at TV series, TV features.  For our distribution network, all kinds of content are solicited. Attending various film markets and been successfully involved in distributing Delhi Safari globally, I have realized that there is a growing market for content worldwide.  Now in my new avatar as BIOSCOPEWALA, I would like to bring together the relationship, the network and the understanding of globalizing content to my new business.

Powerful Animation Content for you is?
Any story that touches the emotional chords of the audience is a story well told. It could be joy, pain, sorrow or any other emotion. Also it’s important to understand what audience we are targeting the story to. And keep in mind how that content connects to that audience profile.

Animation is having total freedom of storytelling. There is no boundary and no limitation to how you can visually communicate in animation. Create worlds that don’t exist in real life, create characters and make them do anything you want to, its total freedom. And the beauty is to use this limitless freedom to tell your story.

What will be the plan of action from your end after you like the content & will it be pitched under the banner of Bioscopewala?
Once I feel that the content has an appeal, I will work towards creating a suitable bible to share it with my network to ascertain the marketability of the content. The content will certainly be pitched under the banner of Bioscopewala, but it could be jointly pitched.

Are you looking for good characters or a good story line?
I think characters are the most integral part of storytelling. We narrate our stories through our characters. If you build a strong character that connects not just visually but also through its personality and narrative, the overall story will connect much better with the audience.
If you see any film in the world that has resonated with the audience, its always the characters that bring life and soul to the content. So how well we intertwine the character into our story is one of the keys to a good narrative. So for me, characters are the most vital component of the story. And especially in the animation industry, where characters definitely have an immense potential of being transcended into Licensing and Merchandising (which contributes a very significant revenue stream), character definition becomes all the more critical. And, not to forget, the sequels, TV series, digital comics and other digital avenues of content creation.

Will the content rights stay with the creator & will a chance to participate in the movie making process also be given?
Absolutely!! The content creator will have a strong contribution to the creation of the series or the feature. What and how much will depend on the strengths and capabilities.

While one decides to share their content with you, do they have to send a premise, the entire script or characterizations?
It purely depends on what they have at this point in time. But I would generally prefer a broad story line, some character images, basically a bible would be a great starting point. If there is a trailer or an episode done, it is even better.

For example, I am currently working on US based content, where we already have a trailer, concept art, several episodes written etc. We are jointly working on building more episodes, discussing market strategies and talking to channels and partners worldwide.

Would you like to give out any movie, content examples to the readers so that they understand your expectation?
There is nothing specific in my mind right now. I am a big empty slate that is desirous of filling it up with images and stories of all types. For example, I am currently working with Arnab Chaudhary, Director of Arjun- The Warrior Prince, to produce his next animated feature, Circle of Fire.
My other project is a US based TV series and a follow up feature which is very different from Arnab’s film. Also, I am looking at various story lines and development done by Kireet Khurana.  I am also involved in working on producing two live action films, one from India and another is from Canada. All these contents are very different from each other but they have one thing in common and that is they tell a story that is appealing and connects with the audience that they are talking to.

Your thoughts about the current Indian Animation Market? 
I think that our grounding is solid. Being primarily an outsourcing country, India has worked with some of the best studios and content worldwide. So the experience, the understanding and the knowledge transfer is great. Also we are seeing a lot of content currently being successfully delivered by Indian studios. Chhota Bheem is an outstanding property that has built itself into a huge icon for the industry. This transition from mindshare to market share is what we need to focus on and work towards aggressively.

Any closing comments
At Bioscopewala, the idea is to bring value to the people we work with through our network, learning and knowledge of the business. I strongly believe that a continued value proposition is the only reason why one will remain in business. And this is what we shall try to endeavor.